RF Optimization & Drive Test

We provide RF engineering services like Benchmarking, Optimisation, QoS and Drive Test for wireless telecom networks. We also do BTS, BSC and MSC installation & testing.We provide time synchronisation audit, Testing of networks for wireline networks, Testing of production line.

An Oppurtunity Map

Network Optimization:

  • Determine Optimal Configuration for Wireless Network
  • Analyze and Identify Factors to Maximize Network Performance
  • Turnkey Optimization per Cluster/Cell or per Performance Guarantees
  • RF Team Proficient with Drive Test Equipment and Optimization Software
  • Reduced Cost of Hiring, Training and Managing Resources
  • Drive Testing Resources and RF Engineers for Data Analysis and Optimization

Project Management:

  • Web-Enabled Site Development Tool
  • Secure, Real-Time Access for Personnel, Contractors and Clients
  • Manage and Control Site Configurations for Multi-Site Networks
  • Full Coordination Eliminates Redundancies, Expedites Site Power On

RF Engineering Services & Design


- RF Survey, Drive test and Network Optimization
- Cell site audit and integration, MSC Testing and commissioning, System Integration
- Customer Acceptance Management
- Installation, Testing and commissioning of Transmission Equipments
- Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Telecom Towers Turnkey Telecom Site Preparations
- Network Operations & Maintenance
- 3G Systems Product Support
- Supply and laying of Optical Fiber Cable (Outside Plant) and allied civil works
- Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Transmission Towers.

Our Services


Telecom, Infrastructure and Maintenance

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Operations & Maintainence

  • Telecom Towers

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Water Pipe Line

  • Jack Pushing Technology

  • Microtunneling

  • Pipe Laying

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Gas Pipe Line

  • Jack Pushing Technology

  • Microtunneling

  • Oil Pipelines

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Sewage Pipe Line

  • Sewer replacement

  • Drainage Construction

  • Pipe Laying

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Water Distribution System

  • Water Quality

  • Pipeline Maintainence

  • Construction, Testing & Commissioning

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City Gas Distribution

  • Construction, Testing & Commissioning

  • Operation & Maintenances

  • Procurement

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